Connecting your microphone that is in a wireless option along with the mixer is not an easy task it will be quite challenging. You need to focus on them sincerely so that you can get the result in the best way. When you connect a wireless microphone to a mixer you need to get to know about everything based on the system so that you will have an idea about how to connect them.

How can it be connected?

Before you plan to connect them you need to get a good idea about the mixer and the microphone you have that is the model of the product.

The second step is you have to turn on both the microphone and the mixer so that it can be connected easily.

The third step is you have two devices in a nearby place so that the connection will be pure without having any sort of obstacles.

Then you need to click the microphone name in the pairing list that is viewing in a mixer.

You need to wait for some time for them to get connected. After both the devices have got connected you will get a pop-up sound and now you can play music in the mixer and transmit this music to the microphone why you can hear the music in that also.

Now you can play any music that you need. A transmitter plays an important role in transmitting the sound waves from the mixer and they send these waves into a narrow one through the transmitting option to the microphone.


This wireless microphone will not disturb you, buy the wires instead you can wirelessly connect them and there are many benefits hidden in it. To experience those beautiful things then you can make use of such kind of microphones that are available in the market even for cheap rates where everybody could afford to buy them.

In this way, you can connect the wireless microphone along with the mixer. If you are a starter and you do not have any idea about it then this hook up mixer tips will help you out in the right way.

Bottom line

You just need to focus on the work that you are doing so that it will be helpful for you to get the perfect ending. This is like a task to be done to get the proper output.